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For a Purpose

Do you like to ask questions? I do. I want to learn and find out. I want to know “why?” Why did the phone ring? Why are you cutting those apples? Why do I have freckles? What is the reason or purpose for it? That is a good question.

God made the world and all that is in it for a reason. He made us on purpose. When I do something “on purpose,” I have a plan and a reason to do it. God has a plan and a reason for us. He wants us to walk with Him and be with Him, just like Jesus was. But you have a choice to cooperate and do God’s will or not. God doesn’t make us love Him and follow Him.

Do you want to take God’s way? It is much better than always trying to fight what He wants you to do. If you ask God, He can show you His purpose for things. Just like how Rosie found that it was happiest to share her chocolates. When you are sick or upset or troubled you can ask the Lord why. He lets us have trouble on purpose so that we will listen and obey Him. Just like Mom and Dad have to discipline you on purpose so that you will do what is right.

God is a good Heavenly Father, and all His purposes are good. When things go well or they don’t, take it all to Him. He made you for a purpose. Live your life for God!