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Letter to a Little Princess

Dear Princess,

In the last issue you heard about Sarah and her special donkey colt. Amanda Erickson (age 9) finished the story for us:

Oh, no! Someone was leading Starlight out of the barn.

“Father, someone is taking Starlight away!” said Sarah. Sarah flew out the door and toward the men. Father was close behind her. Just as she neared the strangers, a thought occurred to her. “If God wants me to have my colt, He will not have the strangers take it away,” she thought, so she slowed down to a walk. Father caught up with her and began to talk with the strangers.

“What are you doing with my daughter’s colt?” he said.

The stranger in a red coat spoke, “The Master, Jesus, wants him.”

Jesus? She had heard that name before. It was the name of the great healing prophet! He had healed deaf and dumb Jessica who lived farther down her street. Suddenly she wanted to give her little colt to Jesus.

Sarah whispered in her father’s ear, “Before I said that nobody could have it, but I think Jesus can have it.”

“I guess my daughter has changed her mind. You may have the colt,” he said to the strangers.

Later that morning Sarah and her brother Joel heard the sound of singing when they were playing outside. “Let’s go see what it is all about,” Sarah suggested. As they came to the street they saw rows and rows of people lined up. They were waving branches.

Joel ran to a nearby tree and got some branches. He handed two to Sarah. “Thank you,” she said.

Farther down the road a man dressed in a white robe was coming up the dirt path. He was Jesus, and what was he riding on? It looked like Starlight! It was Starlight.

After Jesus was out of sight down the road, she and Joel ran back to their house and told Father and Mother. That night Sarah was lonely for Starlight, but she knew in her heart that she had made the right choice.

In the morning she woke up. It was late but she had to do her job to take care of the chickens. When she came past Starlight’s pen, there he was sitting as calmly as ever! Sarah was so glad she had given up her colt.

When she came in the house again, Father’s eyes were twinkling. “They brought him back this morning,” he said.

So you see, dear princesses, it always pays to be unselfish and let Jesus have His way in everything. Sarah gave up Starlight, but Jesus gave him back!

What do you think would have happened if Sarah had said, “No!” when the disciples came for the colt? I’m sure they would not have taken Starlight if Sarah had not been willing. Maybe they would have gone to another little girl’s house and selfish Sarah would have kept Starlight. She would have missed a blessing, though.

Be like Sarah and always say “Yes” to Jesus when He asks something of you. Remember that you will always miss a blessing whenever you do not give up your way.

Lots of love,
Aunt Grace