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On Your Guard

Young Soldier,

Do you want to be on guard when I come? Take heed and watch. Watch that you are obeying the orders I give you. Wear your armor. Most of all, watch that your steps stay in the right way.

If you come to a choice in the road, there is a right way to take and a wrong way. What if you take just one step in the wrong way? Maybe you don’t think it will be that bad, but take heed! Don’t take the first step.

One little lie makes a liar. One thing stolen makes a thief. What if others are doing it? Don’t follow bad examples! If you take one step in the wrong, if you disobey only once, it will be harder to do the right thing next time. You will be off the path and on enemy ground.

Don’t get side-tracked! Read My Instructions and keep your eyes on the path. No matter what others say or do, take the right way and follow your Commander, Jesus. The wrong way will only get you into trouble.

In all faithfulness,
Lord of the Kingdom