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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 29 (March 2004) | Timeless Truths Publications

Dear Reader

As this issue’s song says, our hands, feet, hearts, and voices have been busy in the Lord’s work. And along with working comes learning, for we never “know it all” until the final Graduation Day. And we’re thankful we have such a kind, patient Teacher who knows just what we need to learn next.

We would be glad to hear from any of you. We welcome questions, and would be very happy to learn how the Lord has been helping you.

We are a God-fearing family that includes Rick and Krista Erickson, Laura (23), Joel (21), Kara (19), and Amanda (10). The publishing of Treasures of the Kingdom is mainly done by Laura and Joel, with help (guidance, proofreading, and contributions) from others.

In the King’s Service,
The Editors