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Praise from India

Thank you for praying for the lost souls in India. I would like to share a praise report.

In January we shared the gospel in five Indian villages. Some people listened. Others thought that Jesus Christ is not a God for India, but only for Americans, so they didn’t need to listen. We told them that Jesus Christ is not America’s God, but the Savior of the world. Sometimes our preaching teams are attacked or yelled at. We look to the Lord to be with us and keep us safe from harm.

We also conducted a kids camp for around 75 children. We shared Bible stories, memorized Bible verses, and read missionary biographes to them. To encourage them, we gave out prizes. At our youth camp, we did a study on Joseph’s life and youth, with the topic on “Victory over Sin.” 25 youth attended.

Later we visited some remote villages where they have no proper roads and no education. It seemed like we were able to personally touch the souls there. As we tried to explain the gospel to them, some asked if Jesus was a political leader, and if we were voting for him. We said that He is the God who created the whole universe! He loves us even though we all have lived in rebellion. He came to save sinners, and to give them eternal life. Some villigers seemed to understand, while others felt they already had their gods and didn’t need another one. Some were afraid that if they embraced Christ, their god of devils would be angry. We had prayer and left the villages.

Please pray for the Christians here who are persecuted by the RSS Hindu groups. Also for the new believers, as they need Bibles in both English and in their own Telugu language.

—Pastor Paramjyothi