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Wineskins for New Wine | Tyler A. Schones
Holy Spirit


Let us pray together. Lord, I thank You that You are just what we need. You are the perfect fit for that void that was in my heart. And, Lord, I want You to have Your way in me. I want my life to please You. May this be the heart of each one of us. Work in us and give us hearts that are in love with You, so that in everything we do we just want to please and honor You. Give us hearts that are seeking to understand more of Your heart, meditating on You and Your word, asking You to reveal Your truth. The entrance of Your words, Lord, gives life to us. Thank You.

Help us, I pray, in each of our situations, our backgrounds, our consciences, our convictions. If our convictions are being shaken and being reformed, help us to come to You and wait on You. Lead us, Lord, and rebuke the devil who would want to pull us in different directions away from You. Help us walk with You in the light and hold up Your truth, that it may shine through our lives and truly reprove the works of darkness. When we see others of Your children not walking in the same conviction, help us to not judge and point the finger. Rather help us to exhort each other onward to love God more. Help us trust You to work in each of our lives, to lead us and show us the way. Thank you, Lord God. I praise You. In Jesus’ name, amen.