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Management and Policies | Timeless Truths Webmaster


This site was built for the edification of all, and as such, we’d like this to be a resource shared with as many as possible. You are free to do nearly anything with the works on this site; however, there are some restrictions, so please read the following details carefully.

General Notes:

On the main page of each work, following the title and author, the copyright notice for that work is listed. The majority of the works will be listed as “Public Domain,” which means there are no legal restrictions for use. These works are in the public domain in the United States, and most likely in other countries as well. (Users from other countries are responsible for checking the copyright status of a work in their respective country.) We try to be very careful in verifying the public domain status of a work before labeling as such. If we have published any copyrighted work without permission, the owners of such copyrights or heirs of the authors who have legal interests in any of these works should contact us so that these issues can be resolved. Note that we do not generate any revenue from this Library.

Some of the works, particularly a number of songs from The Blue Book collection, are still under copyright, as far as we know; these will display only the first line of lyrics, with copyright information following. These are listed in the Library mainly to help users who have The Blue Book songbook. To find these copyrighted songs, sort the collection list by number.

For God’s Glory:

Works marked “for God’s glory” may be freely used in any way that honors God.

Personal Use:

If a work is marked for “personal use,” you have permission to make a copy for yourself. But for any other use, since it is still under copyright protection, please contact the copyright holder.

Uncertain Status:

We have also included a few works of uncertain copyright status; we don’t have proof that they are in the public domain, nor can we find any indication that they are still under copyright. If you have more information about these works, please let us know.


Please note that the audio recordings are not strictly public domain material. The KJV Bible audio was obtained from, and some of the other recordings of texts and music are provided with certain limitations of use. However, all the recordings may be freely distributed for non-commercial use.


All of our periodicals—Foundation Truth, Treasures of the Kingdom, and Dear Princess—are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Basically, we have given you permission to copy any or all of the contents of our periodicals, excepting those parts otherwise copyrighted by others. You may republish the material as long as you give credit to Timeless Truths Publications, and make clear our license terms. For example:

Republished from Timeless Truths Publications (, licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Site Design:

The site design and graphics are copyrighted by Timeless Truths Publications, and may only be reproduced with attribution, not for commercial purposes.