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Music Formats

The songs on our site usually have one or more score tune settings available. This information will be listed in the left panel, below the song lyrics information. For example, the song Fire in the Soul has a couple tunes, including:

For playing and printing the sheet music, see Sheet Music.

Playing MIDI in the browser requires a plugin, which usually comes with your browser. If not, try Apple QuickTime or Real Player.

Some songs also have voice recordings (such as Fire in the Soul, shown above).

For the best quality (usually 128 kbps) recording, click the “Play high quality mp3” button. These files require the most bandwidth.

If you have a dial-up modem, you can click the “Play dial-up quality mp3” button: these files generally run at 32 kbps. They usually don’t sound too good, but they may be useful.

If possible, try the dial-up quality Windows Media Audio file. This is designed for playing over the internet, streaming at 22 kbps. The quality is much better than the 32 kbps mp3. However, most folks will only be able to use it with Internet Explorer on Windows.

To download and save the song on your computer, right-click one of the download links and select Save Target As… (or something similar to that) from the menu. Remember where you’ve saved it, and you can then play it any time you like. For those of you who have slow connections to the internet, saving a high quality recording can take several minutes.

See also: Music Player