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Music Player

The Music Player is a special feature of the site, designed to work sort of like a regular media player. It will play through all the available MIDI or MP3 files in the Library. So far we have more than 1500 MIDI files, and over 200 songs recorded in MP3 audio.

To open the Player, go to the Music home page, and down near the bottom right, in a green box, is a link to the Music Player. (The player requires Javascript to operate some of its more advanced features, such as automatically continuing to the next song.) With Javascript on, the Music Player link will open up a small browser window showing the Player home page. You can return to this home page any time by clicking the Home link. Note that the Music Player also requires Flash Player 6 or greater to play the mp3 files.

The dropdown lists display all the tunes available for each type. Select the one you’d like to start with, and click Play. This will take you to the song, displaying some information about it, and the file should begin playing within a few seconds.

For the MIDI files, a timer is set to automatically take you to the next song when the current one is finished. If you have a slow connection, and the MIDI file takes awhile to load, the Player might cut the song short, and take you to the next song before the current one is done. That’s what the delay setting on the MIDI page is for. Specify the number of seconds you’d like to add to the time for playing each song.

There’s also a shortcut to the Player. When you’re at a MIDI or MP3 page of a song (or the main lyrics page of a song that has the MIDI available), add ?musicplayer to the end of the url in the address bar, and it’ll jump right to that song in the Player. For example:


This will play the MIDI by default; you can specify ?musicplayer=mp3 to play the MP3 file. However, if you use this method, the Music Player will then be in the main browser window, and might not look as good.

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