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Dear Princess, Number 1 (November 1996) | Timeless Truths Publications

Leaving All in His Hands

Laura S. Erickson

One afternoon, when the little things seemed like mountains and a little change like a disaster, I went off by myself to think and pray. I took my cares, fears, and troubles to my loving Heavenly Father and found sweet peace in knowing that He would take care of me.

Often we feel as if we have the responsibility to run our life; we think we should make sure everything works out well and goes smoothly—then we become worried, anxious, and burdened under the load we have taken upon ourselves. But the Lord wants us to give this great responsibility to Him, to leave everything in His hands. Simply trust. The One who made you is surely able to take care of you—much better then we ourselves, for we don’t know all that we need, and the most perfect way to run our lives, but our Creator does. 1 Peter 4:19 says, “Commit the keeping of your souls to him in well doing, as unto a faithful Creator.”

As a child so completely trusts his parents to take care of him, so we, as children of God, should trust our Heavenly Father who knows best of all how to take care of us. When we are troubled and careworn, let us draw close to Him. What sweet assurance there is in knowing that He knows perfectly how to take care of me! He loves us so much and wants the best for us, but only if we leave everything in His hands is He able to direct and manage our lives in the most perfect way possible.