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Dear Princess, Number 10 (Summer 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications


Dear Sisters,

In case you’re wondering why Stitches ’N’ Stories isn’t included, we would like to mention that it will be discontinued from these pages from now on. The need for this column is being sufficiently supplied by Treasures of the Kingdom, a new publication for children ages 5-10, put out by Laura Erickson (Skye’s older sister). In case you missed the letter we sent out with the last issue of Dear Princess, announcing Treasures of the Kingdom, and would like to be placed on its mailing list, you may write to Laura Erickson.

The Lord has been speaking to our hearts about a topic we’d like to feature in Dear Princess on “Standing Alone.” We need your help to supply godly, inspiring reading on this topic. We don’t want you to write if God has not given you anything to say, but if He has spoken to you about writing on the subject of standing alone in your convictions, or has brought you through a time when you stood atone in what God taught you, we would be interested in reading your article. At different times the Lord calls each one of us to “stand out and be different”—it is a refining process. Would you mind sharing what the Lord taught you during that time? Please send in your articles by August 31st, 1999, to be featured in the Fall ’99 issue. We are sorry, we cannot take late articles. Thank you! We appreciated the response we received for our modesty discussion and hope to receive the same for this topic. We took forward to hearing from you soon!

Lastly, but certainly not least, we want to mention how much your prayers, your sweet letters and articles and kind free-will offerings mean to us. They are such encouragements to us and often answers to prayer. Thank you so much for being a blessing.

In the service of the Master,
Abigail and Skye