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Dear Princess, Number 10 (Summer 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications

What Else?

Jennifer Quackenbush

What else must He do for thou to believe
That He loves thee beyond what thou canst receive?
What more than the cross would be for thee proof;
What more than the vow of He Who is truth?

What else can He wear than a crown—twisted of thorn;
What more can He bear than the mock’ry and scorn?
How much further can He walk than to Calvary?
Why doubtest thou then that He loveth thee?

What more than the glories of Heav’n can He leave;
How far lower than hell can He sink to retrieve
Thy lost, condemned soul from the curse of thy sin,
By becoming thy sin, and the sin of all men?

How long must He love thee for thou to accept;
How much more limitless is love’s height and breadth?
How much higher can He raise thee than to be seated above;
Oh, why doubtest thou that thou art His love?

What else can He say but this, “It is finished!”?
His unchanging love cannot e’er be diminished.
No, nothing can lessen it, naught can abate
A love that in all things is greatest of great.