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Dear Princess, Number 5 (Winter/Spring 1998) | Timeless Truths Publications

About Dear Princess

What is the Purpose of Dear Princess?

Dear Princess is a publication for young ladies who seek and strive to please their Heavenly Father. I, Abigail Spinks, started in the Fall of 1996 with a burden to share trials and victories, insights and ideas, and in turn to hear of other girls’ trials, victories, insights, and ideas.

In January 1998, I felt a burden to ask Skye Erickson to come and take the place of co-editor. She accepted and this is her first issue of being co-editor for Dear Princess.

We want not only to create a publication with homemaking skills, but one that will encourage girls in becoming spiritually prepared for their future homes. We need to have a vision of trusting the Lord, long before the actual time. If we wait until the time we really need grace to wait for one, we will be ill-prepared. The more grace we have at home with our families now, the more victories we will have behind us in home of our own (if the Lord wills for us to be married).

As my mother says, “The way you set your sails is the way your ship is going to sail.” Right now we’re in the moldable time of our lives. The way we mold ourselves now is the way we’re going to be when we’re older. We want to be molded the way Jesus wants us to be, and we know there are other girls who want to as well. We need to encourage each other along the way.