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Dear Princess, Number 5 (Winter/Spring 1998) | Timeless Truths Publications

From The Instruction of Youth in the Christian Life


Charles E. Orr

Perhaps more souls have been allured away from right paths by present-day amusements than in any other. There is such a thing as getting such love for God, His Word, and communion with Him that we care but little for any other way in which to spend our time.

We willingly admit that there are some recreations and amusements that are harmless and innocent in themselves, but we should have a care lest there be an overindulgence in, and fondness for them. A young lady, speaking of a certain amusement, said. “I am passionately fond of it.” Such is too great a fondness. We should be passionately fond of nothing but God and matters that pertain to His worship and service. No one can have a passionate fondness for any amusement and keep the passion of Christ in his soul.

We cannot name to you just what amusements are innocent and what are not. Circumstances and conditions have much to do with it. I would advise, however, never to attend anything where the rabble of the world are gathered. You are to learn some things from God yourself. Live much in prayer, whenever you find that any amusement in which you may have some participation betimes is lessoning your relish for secret prayer and reading of the Bible, then cease to have any part in such recreation.