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Dear Princess, Number 5 (Winter/Spring 1998) | Timeless Truths Publications

To Sylvia

Leslie C. Busbee

In the scope of heaven’s graces,
In the order of His plan,
Was unveiled a wondrous blessing,
Offered freely unto man.

’Twas bond in heaven’s image:
Love, and peace, and harmony,
To be showered upon a couple,
For each other meant to be.

Sin beguiled and stole its virtue,
In the fall from heights of grace,
Man was driven from the garden,
And the sunlight of His face.

Since that day this bond has blighted,
For its Maker was not there;
Man alone, in sin benighted,
Sought its beauty sweet to wear.

But far short of heaven’s purpose,
And the splendor of His will,
Man did miss the blessed union,
While remorse his heart did fill.

Jesus Christ, the Son of heaven,
Came—this union to restore;
By His life, so freely given,
Blooms its virtue, sweet once more.

When the call from heaven sounded,
How it shook my sinful soul;
As upon the Rock I founded,
Peace into my heart did roll.

Casting all my care on Jesus,
Sins and burdens, great and small,
How I found His love so gracious!
And I listened for His call.

Lessons came—how I submitted
To the wisdom of His grace,
And my life and all committed
For His love to fully trace.

His approval became my purpose,
Jesus Christ became my goal,
And I meant to seek His glory
Always, ever in my soul.

Youth’s aspires and flowing courses
Beat like waves within my heart,
And the outer, thronging forces
Sought to rend my heart apart.

But a word from my dear Savior,
All the inward strife did still;
In the fullness of His favor
I submitted to His will.

Came into my heart His Spirit,
All in all, to reign supreme;
In the virtue of His merit
I did taste the living stream.

Oh, what joy this great salvation,
And its grace did bring to me!
Oh, what shining revelation
Of His love, so full and free!

Like bright rays of golden sunlight,
Gleamed its glory on my way,
Changed my soul from darkest midnight,
To the bliss of perfect day.

Day by day my strength and virtue
In His purpose did abound,
Then He called to preach the gospel,
And the trumpet forth to sound.

How I shook beneath the burden!
But I yielded, praise His name!
And the fervent gospel message
Set my heart and soul aflame.

In the dawn of my existence,
In the center of His will,
While His love and precious presense
All my life and love did fill—

Shown there on my path a maiden,
Virtuous, fair, and pure in heart,
And I learned to her acquaintance:
In my life she found a part.

In the midst of other jewels,
Like a monarch she did rise,
’Til at last her sacred beauty
Caught the affection of mine eyes.

My desire for a companion
Flamed in waves of fervent heat,
But I sought the God of heaven
To direct and guide my feet.

Prayer and earnest, meek submission
Waged a battle for my soul,
’Til my heart in perfect silence
Fully bowed to His control.

Then one day He gave the witness,
And the Knowledge of His will:
“Wait until My gracious wisdom
Works this bond thy heart to fill.

“Wait until I give the clearness
Thy true love to her express,
That thy life of love together
Might be filled with righteousness.”

Sylvia, ye were that maiden!
And my love, it was for thee;
But I took the path of wisdom,
And the course prescribed for me.

At the crossroads where I waited
With the light a warning red,
Tearful of preceeding, prayerful,
I maintained the appointed stead.

Days, weeks, months passed by; I tarried.
On the altar ye were lain,
And I did withhold my expression,
Though it brought me inward pain.

Oft when I so fain would tell thee,
From thy presense I would go,
I was made to thee a stranger,
Though it seemed to hurt me so.

What a weight within my bosom,
What a cross for me to bear!
To deny at His direction
My expression to thee there.

But my faith in Christ I deepened,
And I cast it all on Him,
Knowing that His gracious promise
In that trial would not be dim.

As I tarried, precious lessons
Of our love began to unfold,
In the depths of my affliction
Found I veins of rarest gold.

Twenty-two long months I waited,
Then at last the way was clear,
And I told thee of my affection—
Jesus seemed so close and dear.

In the path of love and courtship
We have walked in heaven’s will,
True and pure to one another;
God, His purpose to fulfill.

Thou wert to me as a garden:
Locked, enclosed—God held the key;
In the beauty of His purpose
He in love gave it to me.

In my hand he placed the power
To unseal thy fountain pure,
Happy was that blessed hour
When its grace I did secure.

Deep within my soul I glory,
In the God of peace and love,
That His grace provided for me
Such a blessing from above.

I am thankful for the knowledge
That His will is fully done,
No regret beguiles my bosom—
And today that goal is won.

For the hour at last is present
When I’ll take thee for my bride,
In the smile of our dear Father,
And our Savior at His side.

Let Them witness! Oh, I feel it!
Their sweet presense here today!
And our wedding, They shall seal it
In Their own sweet will and way.

Friends, whe here are met together:
To thy heart, oh, be it known—
God Himself brought us together,
God Himself, and He alone.

We can witness without doubting
We are in His perfect will:
We are ready for this hour,
We are fully yielded, still.

We are thankful at this moment
For the Rock beneath our feet
That will give us perfect vict’ry
In each storm of life we meet.

Oh, dear parents of this maiden,
Do not fear this sacred hour,
Not one thing this step is marring,
God is with us in His pow’r.

Do not feel this day so precious
Will be one of loss to thee;
In thy gift, so pure and gracious,
Ye shall gain a son, you see?

And together we shall brighten
All the remnants of thy days,
Help thee and thy burdens lighten,
For His glory and His praise.

Now, in Jesus’ name, I ask thee,
Come, before the altar stand,
With my life, oh, be united;
Let us journey hand in hand.

Let us passs into fair Eden
God created for His joy
In the beauty of His image,
That no foe shall e’er destroy.

Cleave to me, and be my treasure,
Let us walk life’s journey through,
’Til our pilgrimage is over
At the dawn of life anew.