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Dear Princess, Number 6 (Summer 1998) | Timeless Truths Publications

This story was taken from a children’s reader, Jack and Janet, copyright 1957. Not having obtained permission to republish it, we present only the illustrations with excerpts.

Stitches ’N’ Stories for Little Sisters
(And Not So Little Ones!)

Penny Plays Rabbit

Illustrated by Laura Erickson

“I am not Penny now. I am a rabbit,” said Penny. “A rabbit cannot help get a dish.”

“I’m a rabbit now. I could not get a dish—I cannot find a ball for you.”

“I could not get a dish for mother. I could not find a ball for Jack. I cannot help you make my bed. I’m a rabbit—I want to hop, hop, hop.”

“I could not get a dish for mother. I could not find a ball for Jack. I could not help Janet make my bed. I cannot take that milk to Mother. I’m having fun being a rabbit.”

“I know what we will do,” said Daddy. “Jack, you make a house out here. Janet, you get a dish for her. Mother knows what to put in it. I will make a bed for the rabbit.”

“Here is a house for her,” said Jack.

“I like it,” said Penny.

“I want my milk,” said Penny. “Does Mother have milk for me?”

Jack said, “You are a rabbit now. She does not have milk for rabbits.”

“This is Penny,” said Penny. “I am not a rabbit now. I will help Jack and Janet. I will help you and Daddy.”