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Foundation Truth, Number 10 (Summer 2004) | Timeless Truths Publications

Are You Sacrificing Your Children?

“But he walked in the way of the kings of Israel, yea, and made his son to pass through the fire, according to the abominations of the heathen, whom the LORD cast out from before the children of Israel.”* (2 Kings 16:3)

King Ahaz made his children go through fire. How about you? How are you living? Are you nourshing the needs of your children or are they suffering under the hand of selfish, pleasure-seeking parents?

The heathen actually killed their children. Satan deceived them into believing that the gods they served either demanded or were pleased with this. These little ones were innocent and were welcomed into the portals of heaven. Today, Satan has dreamed up a plan that will earn more souls for his hellish kingdom. He sends trouble to the home. The god of selfish pleasure demands. Thus, divorce is ravishing this generation of children. Then, not marrying at all, but just living with first one man than another, is sacrificing your children. Now we have many children living under one roof, often all having different last names. How sad. Have you ever thought of the fire they are going through?

This is not the innocent children’s fault, but they feel it somehow is, and blame themselves. There are tears on the pillow. Their little minds and bodies are troubled. They have stomach aches at school and can’t keep their minds on the studies. They keep praying Mom and Dad will get back together. Or worse yet, they don’t even know Dad. Insecurity is overwhelming. Childhood is not a normal, carefree, happy time.

Are you sacrificing your children? A father seeking divorce was asked to think about the grief he was causing his children. His comment, with a toss of the head was, “Oh, they will get over it.” That is only wishful thinking. A survey was once made of adults who had, as children, gone through their parents’ divorce. Not even one adult reported as having gotten over it. But rather the contrary. It was indeed a fire they had gone through. Yes, they had been burned, hurt and damaged. These children were not sacrificed to a heathen god as infants and were now safe in the arms of Jesus. Oh, no, the devil wants them! Do you see the devil’s plan? How easy for him to now sow seeds of unbelief and hopelessness in these young, hurt, damaged hearts. He wants to bring this generation of children down to even a lower level of sin and evil. The devil is mean and strong. He is a very hard taskmaster, who only brings on more and more wretchedness. Do you want to continue serving him?

You don’t have to. If your life is in a mess, the best possible thing is to turn your life over to God. You don’t have to find the way alone. God is just waiting to help you. He is holding out His arms of mercy to you. He wants to guide and direct your life. He wants to dry the tears, heal the hurts, the scars and broken hearts. He wants to give you peace and happiness.

Young people, are you a product of having gone through the fire? Did I hear you say, “I don’t want to do it like Mom did?” Thank the Lord, there is a way of escape. There is Someone who really, really, unselfishly loves you. He has given up every thing for you. He didn’t marry as the normal man while here on earth. He gave it all up for you. He has prayed for you that you might be saved. He is here to bind up the wounds. He is here to put His loving arms around you. He is much bigger, stronger and more powerful than the devil who has caused so much trouble in your life. He died on the cross and shed His blood that you can be washed from all evil that has been imposed or that you have committed.

I want to tell you of one who did escape their background; one who broke the cycle. He was a boy whose mother had divorced and remarried eight times or more. He lost count after while! He didn’t want that kind of life. He gave his life to God. God gave him a good wife who has not sought out a career for herself, but has stayed home to be a helpmeet to him and to train the children.

God has a way of escape for you! Choose God’s way and have a happy, fulfilled life while on earth and eternal safety after death.

This is your hope in breaking the cycle. Give your heart and life to God. He can help you have a happy, profitable life.

Marriage is not just something to try out—marriage is for life! God meant for divorce to be non-existent! From the beginning, it was not so.

To marry is not just for your own pleasure. You are to accept the responsibility for the childrens’ well-being that are born in the family. Each child deserves a welcome. Even your thoughts as a mother affect your unborn child. You are building a fire for your baby if you harbor negative, sad thoughts about him. Are you looking at it as a trouble and added expense—as an intrusion into your planned life? Oh, ask God to forgive you. “Children are an heritage of the LORD…. Happy is the man that hath his quiver full of them.”* (Psalm 127:3,5) This can also be your testimony if you will turn to God and take His guidance. We are praying for you.