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Foundation Truth, Number 12 (Summer 2005) | Timeless Truths Publications

Joy for Tribulation

L. E. and J. E.

“Child, count it all joy,” He whispered the word,
When hard the day and long,
For no one took time to comfort and care,
And all about felt wrong;
“Just do it for Me, for Father alone”—
For tears He gave a song.

“Rejoice evermore,” the song sweetly sang,
A gentle, pleading tone,
When I had been called to give up my way,
And seek another’s own;
“The Savior’s own life was given for you;
Will you repay the loan?”

“Now count it all joy”—there murmured the breeze,
When trials filled my way,
When cares did surround and pulled from all sides,
And troubles brought dismay;
“God’s way is the best; His grace ever sure”—
And peace dispersed the fray.

“Rejoice in the Lord,” the Word of God said,
When worries brought a frown;
Anxiety’s cloud would give me no rest,
My heart with care would drown;
“Would Father above abandon His own?
Why then are you so down?”

Then joy, sweetest joy, was given to me,
His Spirit came to stay—
I yielded my will to Father’s control,
To use as He should say;
Surrendered and sealed, my heart He has filled
With joy for every day.