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Foundation Truth, Number 13 (Spring 2006) | Timeless Truths Publications

At Jesus’ Feet

This is the place of the servant before his master. It is portrays trust and obedience, meekness, and quietness of soul. It is a beautiful place to be. If we look at the Bible record, those at Jesus’ feet found blessing and security.

A sinful woman came in sorrow and desire to Jesus’ feet. Perhaps she felt it was the least she could do to anoint them, but her tears of repentance showed what was in her heart. She came, driven by a desperate need, to the One who could help her, but the position she took was at His feet. It portrayed a contrite spirit, an admission of her need and smallness. Jesus understood what her tongue could not tell, for He knew her heart. By taking the humble place, she found the answer of unspoken longing. Others could not understand and scorned her presence, but Jesus stood as her defender. At His feet she found a Deliverer from sin and an outcast life. Here she found acceptance and peace.

Mary sat at Jesus’ feet and heard His words. She was putting herself in a location that showed her focus was to learn of Him and be taught the precious truths of Heaven. Though it was a humble place, in this position she could hear with singleness of heart. She was quiet, while her sister, Martha, was care-worn and fretting. Surely Mary knew of the work to be done and the preparations needed, but she saw what was even more important. She chose instead “that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”* (Luke 10:42) In her own way she was saying, “[I] look not at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen: for the things which are seen are temporal; but the things which are not seen are eternal.”* (2 Corinthians 4:18) It was by resting quietly in the presence of her Master that she could see those higher sights.

In the same way did the Gadarene man sit before Jesus when he had been freed of a legion of devils. With a heart of gratitude, a sense of freedom, a gladness of soul, he sat before his Lord. He saw who was Master and sat down at His feet, as if to say, “I am freed to do Thy will, my Lord. Teach me what I should do.” He was not seeking to assert himself or run off with his own ideas of how to please Jesus. He took an attitude of respect, and humble thankfulness. It was the place to be.

At Jesus’ feet the lame and blind have found healing (Matthew 15:30). It was at His feet that Jesus has been worshipped (Matthew 28:9; Luke 17:16)—and besought in times distress. Here came the Syrophoenician mother for “the children’s crumbs.”* (Matthew 7:28) Here Mary wept, knowing Jesus could have prevented her brother’s death (John 11:32). Here it was that Jairus, a ruler of the synagogue, went to plead for the life of his daughter (Mark 5:22-23). They humbled themselves and recognized a higher position, one great enough for their need.

Inasmuch as all things are in subjection to Him, insofar that Jesus reigns over all His enemies, so they are under His feet. Here, at Jesus’ feet, we participate in that victory, in that triumphant life. Because He reigns, so can we. At Jesus’ feet we can taste of the abundant life and freedom He purchased for us.

How does one come? Boldly, expectantly, yea, humbly and dependently. We recognize His position as Master and see our smallness. By forsaking our own way and selfish motives, we serve Him and seek to do His will. We are safe here, for He is now our defense. At His feet we know His headship and authority, His tender mercies and protection. There are no fears, no cares or troubles, that can remain long if we abide at Jesus’ feet.