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Foundation Truth, Number 14 (Summer 2006) | Timeless Truths Publications
Holy Spirit

What Would I Be Without My Mother?


I would be cast upon the barren rocks:
Without depth of soil,
Without any moisture;
Friendless, scorched, a stunted plant.

I would be hidden in the weeds of life:
Without a chance for sun,
Without room to grow;
A little, choked-out flower.

I would be growing without direction,
Without a vision,
Without a purpose:
A tangled, fruitless vine.

You have prepared the ground:
Dug out the rocks,
Moistened the soil
With tears and prayers before me.

You have weeded and cared:
Cut out the invaders,
Cleared the way,
Cultivated virtue and graces.

You have nurtured and guided:
Directed my heart,
Gave me a vision,
Pointed me to the Source of life.

Thank You, Mama