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Foundation Truth, Number 16 (Winter 2007) | Timeless Truths Publications


Author Unknown

As I was walking down the street,
Unfriendly tongues I chanced to meet.
With knives of slander, poison-filled,
Reputation wounded, crippled, killed.

Assassins! Malice, Gossip, with Envy rife,
Stabbed my soul to take my life!
Meekness, Love from heaven afar,
Came and helped me in their car.

Took me to a forgiving place,
Purged the poison and removed every trace
Of resentment and ill-content.
Oh, grace from heaven sweetly sent!

Good-for-evil came to live
In my heart and helped me forgive.
Gave love for those who did me wrong,
Filled my heart with heaven’s song.

And now, O joy, my only care
To see them received in heaven fair.
To see them changed from wrong to right,
Forsake all sin and walk in light.