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Foundation Truth, Number 17 (Spring 2007) | Timeless Truths Publications

Did I Ever Tell You How I Started Learning to Cook?

From one sister to another

All my growing-up years I didn’t care much for being in the kitchen. I was glad that my mom and sisters took charge of that area. After the Lord healed me last year I spent more and more time outdoors: pruning, weeding, taking care of the animals, etc. As I worked the Lord began to talk to me….

Right now you could be putting your efforts into learning how to cook. Mom needs your help making supper. Oh, yes, you help with suppers (putting on leftovers, etc), but what about the real thing? You said that when I healed you, you knew it was for a reason, this is what I want you to do. If you never start, you are never going to learn how—this is your time to learn the easy way.

One day I humbled myself and said, Yes Lord. I really will do my part and set my will to learn how to cook. Please help me.

At first it was pretty hard. It seemed I didn’t know anything about cooking and was forever having to ask Mommy how long this was to cook or how much salt to put in that. I also forgot to plan ahead for my meals and make sure I had the ingredients on hand. Often when I had the ingredients I didn’t have the time. My poor time management caused suppers to run late a lot of times. I also planned too fancy of a meal and would end up being in the kitchen more than half the day, which was hard to bear.

But in all these trials I see how the Lord has used them to mold me—as I humble down in them and seek His help. He is good and stands there ready to help. I know I have a lot more to learn but I thank God for these lessons. I want to learn them well. I think that maybe this is a part of the noble (godly) womanhood God has been teaching me. God’s dealings go so far that I can’t write them down in entirety. I want to be in the place where He can have His perfect way in me.