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Foundation Truth, Number 19 (Winter 2008) | Timeless Truths Publications

A Testimony of God’s Leading Away from Sectism Among the “Church of God” Groups

For some years I have been wondering why the Seventh Seal Light (as well as the majority of the Church of God groups) approach to the Gospel has been so much on self-glorification—both individually and as a group. It was as if the Lord could only be found in them and through them, and after that, you had to live by their dictums. Otherwise, you are not a Christian as far as they are concerned. I truly thank and praise the Lord for deliverance from that spirit, Dear Brother. I now look at an individual and ensure I see God in him and in his life. If that is undoubtedly the case, I know for sure I have a brother in the Lord, and whatever else follows in way of fellowship is as the Lord directs. Then there is no “big I” and “little U,” but Christ is all in all. When we have all put on Jesus Christ, there will be no self on display, whether in a group or in the individual. That is my present stand, Dear Brother, and that is as far as I have got to in my spiritual growth so far. I sincerely thank God for the help He has given me both directly and through His faithful ministry so far.

Now, Dear Brother, my struggle is to ensure I am walking directly with God. This is a serious fight, Dear Brother, considering that God does not make us robots, but He will have us willingly, consciously, deciding to glorify Him in whatever we do through love for Him. There are forces against this kind of life—I mean a life for the glory of God. I want a victorious life. This is the biggest battle I am now facing, and I have been seeking help from the Lord for this kind of victory all my life. I do not mean to tell you that I am not sanctified. What I am telling you is that I have greater battles in my sanctified life than I have ever had before. Those giants are not just “grasshoppers” to me. They are real big giants and their armor is solid metal. I have got to be sure that the fire from above does burn through whatever shield they have put on. You, Dear Ones, have been so used of the Lord in this respect that I truly thank and appreciate you and respect you as God’s ministers. The beauty about it all is the statement you made some time ago: That you would not try to be “my Holy Ghost.” That was so wonderful and so blessing. Praise the Lord!

Now that brings me to the Revelation as part of the Bible. These days, I look at the book as God’s Word. I do not want to look at it from the point of view of this group or that group. I want to go to God’s word and if God will “enliven” (my own word please, or “illuminate”) certain scriptures in my heart and wants me to obey, or just know, or use them to edify a soul, or for a message—glory to His name. I do not know what some symbols mean in the book of Revelation or other books of prophesy. So I have to choose whether to take what some man teaches or rely entirely on the Holy Ghost to direct me. I do not know much history to prove some points as depicted in the Revelation or the book of Daniel or elsewhere. Therefore, I leave it all to God. Man could easily mislead me. Take for instance the word thunder. There are many ways it has been used by several preachers. I have to rely entirely on the Holy Ghost to get the message in the phrase because I am confused what man to believe. God has to vindicate a messenger for me to believe whatever he is teaching.

That brings me to this, Dear Brother: When I read whatever is written, the Holy Ghost witnesses to me that He approves what is written. If He does approve, He gives me the appetite to go on and enjoy it. When I read a book, God shows me what is good for me and stamps it in my heart in way of approval. I can tell you frankly that there are some things Bro. F. G. Smith wrote that have never been stamped on my heart by God. But I acknowledge and respect Him a true minister of God. The same case applies to any message that is being preached. There are some Church of God preachers who would simply send me to sleep. I thank God I do not interact with so many these days. When I try to read some written material, I just cannot get beyond just a few words because it is so completely “dry” that it simply cannot, spiritually speaking, get into my mouth, let alone to the spiritual system.

That, Dear Brother, might give you some ideas as to where I have got to at this time. In short, I simply will not want to be drawn to a group stand. I want to stand only on what is true—the Truth of God only—and live by every word of God.