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Foundation Truth, Number 25 (Summer 2010) | Timeless Truths Publications
Holy Spirit

“Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”* (1 John 4:4)

Stronger Than He

The god of this world holds the nations in sway,
The power of death takes dominion today,
He blinds the high-minded, who walk their own way,
Whose liberty lives in a lie.
But stronger than he is the Ancient of Days;
El Shaddai, the Master of all He surveys,
Delights to defend all who walk in His ways—
The humble, who know He is nigh.

We scoff at the story of Eve and the snake,
And frown upon fools and the myths that they make;
We know that we’re simply too savvy to take,
And go on our way with disdain.
Yet serpentine glamour seduces us still,
We avidly drink of the sweet-scented swill—
The gamble is lost, and we forfeit our will,
And find ourselves friend to a chain.

The guest book of hell has been written by those
That know all too well by the path that they chose
The devil’s a liar who did not disclose
The catch in the ad they pursued.
In torment they’ll tell how each poison plant grows,
A dagger concealed till the thorned thistle shows,
As when the grand emperor wore his new clothes…
And woke to the fact he was nude.

Men’s masks hide the horror that wages within—
“How wretched am I in the state I am in!
Oh! who can deliver my soul from its sin?”—
How ghastly to see Satan smirk.
But… stronger than he is the King of all kings,
Who made His own Son to be Heir of all things;
What Father-love, Brother-love boundless He brings
To come down and finish His work.

Yes, Bethlehem’s Baby brought joy to the world;
At last is salvation’s bright banner unfurled,
And backward the forces of hell have been hurled—
The kingdom of God is at hand!
All power and praise to the Lamb that was slain,
Who heals the poor captive and severs his chain;
The foe is cast out by the rule of His reign,
The Lord God of hosts has command!

The soul that repents, dragging pride to the dust,
Who mourns his transgression and loathes every lust,
Will find that the One who is faithful and just
Forgives and delivers him now;
I sought the dear Savior for pardon and peace,
And pled at His throne that my sinning might cease—
Faith, faith in the blood brought my blessed release;
Till heaven I cannot tell how.

The devil’s dethroned, but think not that he’s done;
He’ll try every tactic that’s known ’neath the sun;
Dear soldier, you’ll find that the fight’s just begun,
And warfare will last till you die.
The kingdom of heaven is taken by force,
And violent conflict is par for the course;
The armor one wears must be backed by the Source,
And clear be the line of supply.

Give diligent heed to the things you have heard;
Eat heavenly manna and drink from the Word;
Draw nigh unto God, praying lest you be lured,
And stray to the way that is broad.
That nature of Adam that vexes you sore
Delights dear old Satan with self at the core;
Pray now to be purged, that it plague you no more,
Restored to the image of God.

The heights held by hell face you now on the field,
And Satan’s whole goal is to cause you to yield;
How well do you handle your sword and your shield?
Be vigilant, watching with prayer.
The battle’s begun and the stakes are immense,
Whole multitudes throng to the course in suspense,
Yea, sweat red as blood signals combat intense…
But angels will strengthen you there!

Behold Satan fall from his heavenly place!
God’s soldiers subdue every foe that they face;
While Jesus is leading us on by His grace,
The devil must suffer defeat.
Yes, stronger than he is our Captain and King,
And while with hosannas His praises they sing
The armies that follow Him make heaven ring;
They conquer, and vict’ry is sweet.