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Foundation Truth, Number 29 (Winter 2012) | Timeless Truths Publications

All Things

George D. Watson

Let the soil have no stones, thorns, or other obstructions to grain in itself; let it be a rich, pure soil, and then the very hot sun that would otherwise scorch, will give to vegetation a deeper green, and the very winds that would otherwise blast, will only give the roots a stronger hold. Thus it is with the soul-soil of the believer. God can never make things work for our good except on the conditions of heart holiness; and hear it, for I say it in the face of God’s word—that when those celestial conditions are fully met and maintained, then nothing can ever occur in the universe that will not be for our good and advancement!

Thunder, lightning, fire and rain,
Poverty, sorrow, loss and gain,
Death and heaven and earth and hell,
For us, will work together well.

Every disappointment will cause us to lean harder on the unwavering arm; every shock will make us sink deeper into the unshakable Rock; every conflict with temptation will make us hate sin more deeply; every unkind blow from our fellow-men will render us more lowly and intent on doing the world good; every dollar we lose will spur us to lay up treasures in Heaven; every criticism of our spirit or conduct will drive us to scrutinize our inner being before God, to see if we are indeed washed in the blood of the Lamb. Abuse only humbles us, and flattery and praise sink us still deeper in self-abasement; the death of loved ones only trims our lamps for the coming of the Bridegroom, and every tear-drop adds another lens to the telescope of heavenly vision. If we are holy, all things are ours.