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Foundation Truth, Number 31 (Winter 2013) | Timeless Truths Publications
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There’s a Road That Runs to Glory

There’s a road that runs to glory that was made for you and me,
But there’s rough and rugged stretches, as the runners all agree;
For the fleetest feet among them find they need Another’s grit,
And the strongest need assistance to go on instead of quit.

When the rigors of the road arise and knock you to your knees,
When you’ve “hit the wall”… and silence seems the answer to your pleas,
Then remember that your Coach remains undaunted by distress,
And He knows just what you need that is the secret to success.

He’s the Man who ran before you, showing how to run this race:
For defeat is “not an option,” and there is no second place.
Now take note that failure only comes from failing to receive—
So just think what such a Coach will help each runner to achieve!

All your yesterdays are over, and tomorrow is too late,
But today there’s power promised those who drop all extra weight.
Cast discouragement and pride aside, and one day you’ll have won:
What a wondrous world awaits you! Now take action—rise and run!