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Foundation Truth, Number 5 (Spring/Summer 2001) | Timeless Truths Publications

Giving, Giving, Giving

Wives, and mothers, does this sound familiar? Always doing something for someone, with hardly a minute to spare for yourself? I can almost hear you echoing “yes.” It has always helped me to get a view of other mother’s trials and victories in the home. The devil would like to make us feel we are the only one in the daily toil and struggles of training children, wiping the splattered mirror again, looking for your husband’s lost paper or book that was just on the table minutes ago, and umpteen other tasks. Take courage! I want to share how the Lord has encouraged me of late in continuing to give. Listen to this bit of poetry; it has encouraged me on many times:

“Go break to the needy sweet charity’s bread,
For giving is living,” the angel said.
“And must I be giving again and again?”
My peevish and pitiless answer ran.
“Oh, no,” said the angel, piercing me through.
“Just give till the Master stops giving to you.”

Doesn’t that put things into the proper perspective!? It also helps us to stop and thank the Lord for allowing us to be on the giving side. It could be that we would be in the position of needing help instead of being the helper. Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.”* (Acts 20:35) As a wife and mother, we are in a wonderful place of service. Yes, sometimes it may look dull and dreary, but any place in life has its hard times. Go to the Master for a renewal of spiritual energy and strength. Ask Him for a song to lift your eyes above the cares of this life. (One veteran mom keeps a hymnal in the window above the kitchen sink!)

It is amazing how far a blessing from the Lord will carry you! His anointing on a scripture makes it all come alive. I had been in the habit of giving from our pantry to others in need. Then my husband was laid off his job. We had unemployment benefits, but it was becoming increasingly hard to keep the pantry supplied for our family and was indeed hard to keep up helping others. One morning in prayer I was inspired to plead the promise in Proverbs 28:27. I told Him, “Lord, it says in Your word, ‘He that giveth unto the poor shall not lack.’ ” I went away feeling blessed, knowing it was all in God’s hands. You’ll be amazed to know what followed. In a couple of weeks, a friend was graciously granted permission to take the out-dated dairy and deli products at a grocery store, which she shared with us. This is normally not allowed, but I knew why; the Lord had given her favor. The Lord has many ways with which to supply our needs! Now I had even more to give others than before! Isn’t that just like the Lord? “His ways [are] past finding out!”* (Romans 11:33)

As I pondered on this blessing and the scripture, “He that giveth to the poor,” I asked myself the question, “Who then is poor?” Aren’t our own children poor and needy? If you don’t think so, just look at all the little neglected children. Mothers going off to work, some by choice, others by necessity. How these poor children need the guidance of a loving mother, but it is deprived them. Mothers, God has given you a wonderful place to serve Him. The Lord blessed the little children while here on earth and now He wants to bless them through you. Seek Him often for His guidance to give unto your children.

The Lord has allowed our home to be a little haven to a few needy children. May God help us to continue to give and share our happy home with them. One day recently I was preparing dinner. There was a little girl chattering away continually as she happily swung her doll in a basket which hung from a cord strung from wall to wall. The constant chattering was getting on my nerves, but she was so happy, I couldn’t bear to say anything to mar her pleasure. I begin asking the Lord to help me bear the noise. The song, “Learning to Lean,” soon came to my mind. I began to sing softly. The chattering ceased. She was listening! What an unexpected blessing! How we thank the Lord for His help through the trials.

Older sisters can be in places of giving also. One whom I have known has gone on to her reward now. She had the gift of listening and praying with others. Once, she got so tired of ladies coming and telling her all of their troubles. She prayed, “Lord, can’t you stop them?” But instead the Lord gave her more grace to listen, counsel and pray with them. I am sure she is reaping the benefits of those hours given to the Master. Didn’t He say, “Whosoever shall give you a cup of water to drink in my name, because ye belong to Christ, verily I say unto you, he shall not lose his reward.”* (Mark 9:41) How refreshing can be the counseling and prayers of older sisters!

Jesus told us to “Give, and it shall be given unto you.”* (Luke 6:38) This scripture was surely fulfilled in an older woman whose grown children gave her very special attention. A daughter occupied a duplex next to her at first as the mother begin to decline in years. When it became impossible for her to care for her at home and it was necessary to place her in a care facility, that daughter or one of the other children went every day to feed their mother. The care those children gave their mother was impressive. “She must have been a very good mother to be reaping all this special care,” was spoken to the daughter. Her reply was, “Oh, she was a wonderful mother.” More of her life was revealed. She had continued to live with an unfaithful husband for the sake of the children. What unselfish love she had given them. She had given and now was reaping the benefits. The Bible is so true. “We reap what we sow.”

Be encouraged dear mothers, take the time to train your children in the tasks around the home. I know it is easier to do it yourself than to train them, but what benefits you would both lose. As their home skills develop and little by little you turn areas of responsibility over to them, you will have more time to spare yourself and take it a little easier.

We trust these thoughts will have refreshed and encouraged you in whatever stage of giving you are in life.

Your sister in Christ,