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Foundation Truth, Number 6 (Spring 2002) | Timeless Truths Publications

He is Still God

There’s a phrase in one of my song tapes that says, “And He is still God.” As I sit here this night composing this letter to you, in my heart there comes this thought to me. Through the past months that you have lived, and I have lived, we’ve experienced our trials and battles, our victories and joys. And through it all, God has still been God. I’m thankful so much for the promise of “Immanuel” (God be with us). So many people struggle through life’s tempestuous seas alone. Sometimes sinking when a storm comes, or struggling to stay afloat, they manage on, day after day, month after month, year after year. Working with many people and their children, I see this exemplified time and time again. People who are alone when life’s troubles come: a death, financial loss, marriage trials, losses of jobs, troubles with neighbors, stresses with raising their children. People strive to keep their heads above water as the waves roll on. And when disaster strikes, as it does, they set back on their heels and despair. Why? Because they are doing their best and yet their sand castle still melts under the rising tide. There is no hope but they’re doing all they can. When will they realize that life is too big for them, that they need help from a higher source?

He is still God. Throughout all of people’s trouble and struggles, there is still One who can help, and would help if only asked.

Recently the Lord has led me through some waters: not shallow waters that I could easily wade through, and not waters I could easily swim through. Water over my head, all around, and very overwhelming. Tonight, as I write, I am filled with unspeakable thankfulness that God was still God through it all. Thankful that God is able to carry me through, no matter how deep the water is or may get, for the trials are not over. Thankful that because He is God, I can have:

Peace in the time of trouble,
Peace in the midst of the storm,
Peace though the world be raging,
In the shelter of His arm.

How many have peace tonight? Too few for sure. There are so few people who know that God is still on the throne. An even smaller amount of people know that they can have a life hid with Christ in the shelter of His loving arms.

There are so many restless, apprehensive people out there on this earth. Why? Because they know not the peace that comes from having committed their way unto the Lord. They’re striving to look out for themselves and their families, never dreaming that they could give the burden up and possess peace.

A quote from The Hidden Life seems apt here:

A vessel at one time was in an angry storm at sea. Among the many passengers on board was a skeptic, a Christian lady, and her little boy. During the storm the skeptic was in great alarm, but he could not help noticing the calmness and restfulness of the lady and her boy. After the storm was over, he talked with the boy.

“My child,” he began, “were you not afraid during the storm?”

“No, sir,” said the boy.

“And why were you not afraid?” inquired the skeptic.

“Because my mama was with me,” answered the lad.

Turning to the mother, the skeptic said, “Lady, were you not afraid during such a storm?”

“No, sir,” replied the woman.

“And why were you not afraid?” he asked.

“Because,” said she, “my Father was with me.”

[Charles E. Orr; The Hidden Life, “Walking with God”]

This woman had learned the secret and had obtained peace. She had put her faith in God, and then trusting Him to do His work, had rested in a peace that made others marvel.

Do we realize that when we have a lack of peace we’re minimizing God? We’re no longer trusting that “He is still God,” but doubting His sufficiency. Fear says, “I don’t trust You to keep Your promise to care for me.” How ill-founded fears are! Is God no longer God? Does He no longer own the cattle on a thousand hills? (Psalm 50:10). Is the promise, “I will care for you,” (1 Peter 5:7) obsolete? Has the treasure, “All things work together for good,”* (Romans 8:28) become non-existent? When did God revoke His word? He has not. And He will not. God’s word still stands, unchanging. It is true when the sun is shining and we feel like skipping among the meadow flowers. What about when the tide changes? The winds blow cold and chill, the dark clouds gather, and we find that far from making progress on our journey up the mountain, we now stand in a lonesome valley. But if we will look, we shall find that God is still God of the valley as well as the mountain top. His word still stands the same, and all the richer and sweeter because of the loss of other alluring distractions.

What hidden riches of peace there is to be found in God! It all comes back to trust in Him. Do you trust God? Do you believe Him and His word? Is He the anchor of your soul? If so, you will have peace, for God would let heaven and earth pass away before He failed the trust of one of His little ones.

This summer, a friend and I taught a group of children a unit study on space. It was simply amazing the little glimpses we got of our gigantic universe. I was enthralled by the vastness compared with our minuteness. And God is bigger than all that. He is so much bigger. There are not words in all the languages throughout this small planet that can come close to describing Him. When fearfulness over the cares of life comes to shroud me, I remind myself of the infinite size of God and His creation. I ask Him for perspective (just thinking of our place in space is pretty humbling!), and the absurdity of my fears is realized.

Oh, God, open our eyes that we might see You! Just a glimpse is all we need-like the song, “Just His name makes the shadows flee…. He’s everything that I need….” When we come to the trials of the road, let’s remember that the One we serve is still there. For He doth neither slumber nor sleep, but can and will keep us in perfect peace.

He is still God,
And He still sits on His throne,
He’s still God
And He still cares for His own,
He’s still the hope of the soul,
He’s still in control,
So be still now and know,
That He’s still God.

—A sister in Christ