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Foundation Truth, Number 8 (Spring 2003) | Timeless Truths Publications

Where Is My Beloved Gone?

Does it seem that God is far away at times? You pray, but nothing seems to happen? If that is the case and you have invited the Lord Jesus to assist you in searching your life for anything displeasing to Him, then the Lord could be testing you. He wants to prove to Himself and to you that you are set to do His will. What kind of fruit is He going to find?

Song of Solomon 6:1 says, “Whither is thy beloved gone, O thou fairest among women? whither is thy beloved turned aside? that we may seek him with thee.” Isn’t that exactly our human sentiments at times? Sometimes when we need Him so much, He seems to have gone away. But, oh, no, that is not the case! Verse two says, “My beloved is gone down into his garden.”* (Song 6:2) Is not our hearts that He has cleansed, His garden? He gave His life’s blood that new life may spring forth. In the newly-tilled soil of our souls, He plants righteousness and peace and purity. What a precious thought to know that He then comes down into our hearts to inspect and see how His plants are growing. At the times when it seems He is so far off, He is actually very close.

Have we been feeding on another area of His garden—His word, so His plantings will thrive, or are they being starved and becoming shriveled and dried up? The scripture says He comes into His garden “to the beds of spices.” Now spices are of little value unless they are crushed to bring out the flavor and fragrance. Do some things in your life seem to crush you? Let Jesus have His sweet way in all circumstances, then He can gather the sweetness He was desiring when He allowed the trial. “Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out.”* (Song 4:16) The devil can certainly blow big, giant winds of doubt and despair, until we feel crushed. Are we going to get a hold of the keys in His Word to conquer so there will be spices? Are you getting the good the Master Gardener designed from the crushing circumstances? Remember, He only has good in mind for you.

“My beloved is gone down… to feed.”* (Song 6:2) What does the Lord feed on? Remember Jesus at the well after having talked to the Samaratian woman. The disciples returned from the town with food and Jesus told them, “I have meat to eat that ye know not of.”* (John 4:32) His meat was for the kingdom of God to be increased. There is the parable of the fig tree. Jesus approached it, and there was nothing to eat. It had borne nothing. Is there something for the Lord to eat in your heart when He condescends to feed in your garden? Is there an increasing of spiritual life in our hearts?

“My beloved is gone down… to gather lilies.”* (Song 6:2) Most of us women really enjoy flowers. Have you found the enjoyment of gathering beautiful blossoms and creating a bouquet to set on the table for everyone’s pleasure? Maybe we can in a small measure understand how Jesus craves to come and gather lilies from our heart’s garden.

A lily is very beautiful. In saying something is like a lily, it is referring to whiteness, purity and delicacy. How we need to guard our thoughts and actions, that there will only be pure things for our Beloved to gather. The dictionary has some very interesting things to say about the word delicacy, that will grow beautifully in the spiritual garden. Let’s consider them carefully.

  1. a sensitive distaste for what is considered improper or offensive.
  2. a fine regard for the feelings of others.
  3. a sensitiveness of response.

Oh, yes, how careful we need to be, not to offend our Lord. And how quickly we need to respond to the calling of our Master.

We pray this will be an encouragement to study more how to be like a lily in whiteness, purity and delicacy, to feed upon the Word that your garden may flourish. And when the Lord allows crushing things to come your way, know that God is there to gather the spices of contentment and peace and hope from your heart.

May God bless and encourage you.

—A sister in the Lord