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Heavenly Harmony

To live heavenly there must be harmony with heaven. Enoch walked with God because he was in harmony with God. Two cannot walk together except there be agreement. Except we get into harmony with heaven here on earth, we will never get to heaven. Man will go to that place of eternity which he has walked in agreement with while here on earth. Every man is choosing his life’s walk each day. He can walk in righteousness, or he can walk in sin. He can walk in the way that leads to heaven or the way that leads to hell. Man, in choosing his life’s walk each day, is choosing his eternal destiny.

In the beginning, God made the world so that it blended perfectly with heaven. There was no discord between heaven and earth. Discord means death. Harmony with heaven is life, life eternal. For there to be a discord between the soul and God is for that soul to be fretful, uneasy, restless. The fish that is out of harmony with the sea is restless. The bird that is out of harmony with the air is restless. The soul that is out of harmony with Christ is restless. The ocean says to the fish, “Come back into harmony with me, and you shall find rest.” The air says to the restless bird, “Come back into harmony with me, and you shall find rest.” Jesus says to the weary, restless, discontented traveler along life’s way, “Come unto me…. and ye shall find rest unto your souls.”* (Matthew 11:28-29) There is sweet soul rest in Jesus.

“My soul in trouble roamed
Upon a weary plain,
And ever restless, longed
A perfect bliss to gain.

“I bore within my breast
A deep and painful void,
I wanted inward rest,
And peace that would abide.

“All in this world is dross;
Its pleasures soon decay;
Its honors prove a snare;
Its treasures fly away.


“I have found it, Lord, in Thee
An everlasting store
Of comfort, joy, and bliss to me:
How can I wish for more?”*

There was a day when there was no discord between earth and heaven. God came and talked with man as he walked with Him in the garden. Angels passed back and forth. But because of sin coming into the world, this harmonious union of man with God and heaven was interrupted. Man’s heart no longer beat in unison with the heart of God. Jesus came to harmonize the soul of man with God. That chord that was broken and lost out of man’s soul because of disobedience is found and taken up by Christ and again connected, so that in Him man is again brought into communion with heaven. We see a lonely widow in her cabin home wrestling with God in prayer. A great burden for a world lost in sin lay upon her soul. Why did she have this burden? It was because her soul blended with heaven. She was so in contact with God that she could feel what He felt. The burden of His heart for a lost world had rolled upon her own heart. Do you have the burden for souls lost in sin that you should have? Do you oftentimes feel that you must see souls saved, or you cannot live? Do you have such a burden for souls that it moves you to deep, earnest, agonizing prayer? Alas, how many professors of the Christian religion are going on in their merriment, their frivolity, their gaiety, when they should be carrying the weight of a lost world on their hearts.