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“In imitation of the Holy One who has called you—you also must be holy in all your habits of life.”* (1 Peter 1:15)WNT

Dear Friend

I want to have a few moments to talk with you about the Christian life. There are many people who know much about the sporting life, the professional life, the political life, the commercial life, the social life—but not so many, we fear, fully understand the Christian life.

Most everyone believes in an eternity. They believe also that in eternity there is a place called heaven, where people will be forever happy. Few, indeed, are the people who do not desire to go to heaven when done with the things of this life. I met one man who said he did not want to go to heaven, but there are very few who get in such a hardened state.

Think for a moment what it will be to gain heaven—the very extreme of happiness forever. Think what it will be to miss heaven—the very extreme of wretchedness forever. Thousands of people will miss it, but shall it be you and I? Our getting to heaven depends upon the life we live here. If I owned the whole world I would rather lose it all than to miss heaven. But, except we live the true Christian life, this beautiful happy, eternal heaven will never be ours.