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How to Live a Holy Life | Charles E. Orr


A tender blue is in the sky
As sets the golden sun;
Another day is passing by,
And thus the moments run.

The songbird’s note is soft and low,
Flying to leafy nest;
In evening’s peaceful twilight glow
All nature sinks to rest.

The fields are wrapped in somber shroud
As fades the light of day;
A tender flush is on the cloud
Beside the Milky Way.

A hush is on this world of ours;
Day, dying, drops a tear;
Angels’ hands unveil the stars,
Which one by one appear.

Now Pleiades grow sparkling bright
In deepening blue above:
O mild, serene autumn night!
Thy voice is full of love.

Such sacred awe my soul doth fill!
Such quietness doth reign!
The Voice that uttered, “Peace, be still,”
Has whispered once again.

The silver bars that streak the West
Are short’ning one by one;
Another day has gone to rest,
And thus the moments run.

I’ve one day less to watch and wait,
My Savior’s face to see,
Someday, and ope will be the gate.
Sweet heav’n, I come to thee.

Oh, may it be when sets the sun
So peacefully and calm!
Oh, may I hear the sweet, “Well done,”
When evening sings her psalm!

It is a pleasant autumn eve;
The blue is in the sky;
My task is done; I take my leave.
Goodbye, dear friend, goodbye!

Dear reader, live alone for God;
Walk blameless in His blessed Word.
We may not meet each other here,
But let us live in Heaven’s fear,
So when our work on earth is done,
We’ll meet each other round God’s throne.
Just one request I make of thee:
Until we meet, pray oft for me.