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Ten Shekels and a Shirt | Paris Reidhead

Publisher’s Note

In the years since Paris Reidhead preached this message, it has continued to arrest the hearts of many and bring revival in God’s church. The burden of the hour was to strike a blow at the spirit of self-centered humanism that was diluting the preaching of the gospel of God, especially in the Western world. That spirit has continued to flourish in the culture, and this message is just as urgent today as it was half a century ago.

In zeal for God’s glory, the messenger makes a few points that would be unbalanced if taken out of context. The emphasis upon seeking salvation for God’s glory alone instead of what we can gain from it should be understood in constrast with the lies of humanism, for it is also true that the Word appeals to our God-given desire to gain that which is good. Humanism corrupts that desire by exalting self, but in truth our only enduring good is found in embracing and exalting the Giver of all good Himself (Revelation 15:2-4; Psalm 16:11).

This transcript is used by permission, and may be copied and distributed freely as long as it is not altered.