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The Church of God | Daniel S. Warner

What Is a Sect?

In a little tract entitled “Sects,” written by the founder of the Free Methodist sect, who signs his name Rev. B. T. Roberts, the following definition is given:

The word sect is from the Latin secare, to cut off, to separate. The word section is from the same root. Hence a section is a portion cut off, or separated from a body of which it forms a part. A sect of Christians is a part of the entire Christian body, separated from the rest by some peculiar doctrines or tenets which they hold exclusively, or to which they give especial prominence. This we believe is a fair definition of the word sect, as commonly used by those who know the meaning of the words which they use.

This we confess is a true definition and explanation of the word sect. But how any man of ordinary intelligence can thus correctly define sects as separate, cut-off portions from the body of Christ, by some exclusive party doctrines, and then turn around and say it is right to thus sever the general body of Christ into fragments, is a mystery of iniquity. It well demonstrates the fact that a heretic (i. e., sectarian) “is subverted, and sinneth.”* (Titus 3:11) To justify and sanction such schisms from the general body is to sin against God, and utterly disregard His Word.