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The Pilot’s Voice | Isabel C. Byrum

Historical Note

Byron in this story was Noah H. Byrum, born on an Indiana farm about 1871. The events written here took place between 1886-87.

The minister mentioned in “A New Voyage,” was Daniel Sidney Warner. The other workers, comprising a quartet, were Barney Elliott Warren, Nannie Kigar, Frances “Frankie” Miller, and “Mother” Sarah Smith. From 1886-91 this group traveled together, holding meetings and evangelizing throughout the Midwest and much of the United States.

(“A Song of Joy” was written by Daniel Otis Teasley in 1898, so it would not actually have been sung at the meeting in which Noah was saved.)

Following his conversion, Noah joined his older brother Enoch, who was helping with the publishing work of The Gospel Trumpet, of whom D. S. Warner was the editor. Noah later invested in the company, and was the business manager for many years.

In 1891 a young lady by the name of Isabel Coston joined the publishing work. Noah soon found himself in love with this girl from Michigan, and they were married on September 9, 1893. Isabel was a prolific writer, and persuaded her husband to let her write a story of his boyhood. This book was first published in 1916.