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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 1 (June 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications

Letter to a Little Princess

My dear girls,

Sometimes little girls like to dream about living in a big palace, walking through lovely flower gardens with beautiful dresses, and lovely curls of hair sweeping over a neck strung with pearls. A princess that reads and plays in the garden and eats chocolates and sings beautiful songs… a princess that has a father who is a King who sits on a royal throne. Oh, to be a princess! I suppose there is not a girl on earth who did not want to be a princess at some time.

Did you know, girls, that you can be princesses? Your heavenly Father is a King and if you give your heart and life to Him, you can be His royal daughter, a princess. Your heavenly Father’s name is King Jesus and being His princess is the best thing in the world. He makes His daughters into the most beautiful princesses in the world and puts all sorts of fine jewels on them—yes, gold, diamonds, pearls, and rubies. King Jesus says that His daughters have clothes that are made of pure gold!

Would you like to wear this dress of pure gold?

This dress of gold is made by our obedience to King Jesus. Every time we obey King Jesus in something He tells us to do, He puts another stitch into our dress of gold. King Jesus might give us orders through our mothers. He might tell her to say, “Now pick up the toys; it is time for bed.” Then if we pick up our toys cheerfully and obediently, another stitch goes into our dress of pure gold.

But sometimes little princesses are not always cheerful. Sometimes they forget to obey. Then all the angels are very sad and their tears fall on the dress of pure gold, and one stitch turns black and falls out, leaving a dark hole in the dress of pure gold. How sad! I hope you never disobey our King Jesus or His Commanders (Mama and Daddy). For if you disobey, your dress of pure gold will be messed up, and you will also be very unhappy.

But if you obey cheerfully all the time, not only will you get a dress made of pure gold, but you will be happy too!

I hope and pray that you will be an obedient princess, one who has clothes of pure gold and King Jesus can smile at you and say, “That is my obedient princess, and I am making a dress of pure gold for her!”

With love,
Aunt Grace

P.S. You can find the scripture about the King’s daughter’s pure gold clothes in the book of Psalms, chapter 45, and verse 13.