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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 13 (June 2001) | Timeless Truths Publications

Letter to a Little Princess

Dear Princess,

It was a sunny day and Princess Precious was home with her brother and sister, with an older princess, called Encouragement, to watch them. This was not much to Precious’ liking, for she had wanted to go with the other big girls on an outing. And for some reason Valiant was being a bother, as brothers sometimes are, so the two weren’t getting along very well.

“I’m going to my room,” Precious said, after he pulled her braid twice.

“Who cares?” said Valiant. He turned his back and began whistling.

“Stop it!” Joy said with a frown. “My head hurts and I’m tired.”

“You’re both big fussers,” Valiant grumbled. “I wish I could go swimming.”

Encouragement poked her head into the room. “It doesn’t sound very happy in here,” she said. “What has gone wrong with you?”

Precious stopped in her doorway. “Valiant’s being a big pest. I can’t stand boys!” Joy made a whimpering sound from her chair, and Valiant furrowed his brows.

“My, my, what a sight to see!” Encouragement stepped into the room and stared at the three children. “What has happened to your crown of Love, Precious? And see how your name has changed!”

Princess Precious took off her crown and saw that it’s shiny gold color had disappeared. Instead of her own name, “Murmur” was written. She felt like saying it was just too hard to be good, but Princess Encouragement spoke. “Murmur, look up and see how, with your example, the others have become complainers, too.”

Yes, there on her brother and sister’s heads she could plainly see the words “Grumble” and “Fret.” Murmur hung her head in shame. King Jesus had given her such a lovely crown, and now she was spoiling it so terribly. At last she asked sadly, “But what can I do? My crown looks so old and—and I think King Jesus will be angry.”

The older princess touched her arm kindly. “Dear, the King loves you very much and you are still Precious to Him,” she said. “But have you never heard of the grace of Rejoice Always? It is a very good polish to keep crowns shiny and bright.”

Murmur looked up in surprise. “Where can I get some?” she asked.

“From King Jesus, of course,” Encouragement said with a laugh. Murmur hesitated, then hurried out of the room. She was gone several minutes, and during that time Grumble and Fret had a talking to also.

“I am sorry for complaining,” said Precious when she returned, for her own name was beginning to shine once more. She gave her sister a kiss, and the Joy returned to her little face. Then she turned to her brother. “And you are a blessing to have—let’s find something fun to do together, for it is a lovely day.” It seems that Valiant had been quite sorry, too, for he replied with a willing, “I know just the thing, for I have a very nice book we three can enjoy on the lawn.”

So it was three very different children that skipped out the door. And who could be the happiest of all, but Princess Precious, with her crown shining brighter with each smile. Encouragement only said, “Rejoice Always is surely one of the best of the King’s cures.”

With love to all young princesses,
Aunt Faith