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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 13 (June 2001) | Timeless Truths Publications

Something You Can Do

After reading about “The Tranquil Dove,” can you tell me what doves do in the middle of the day? After they have eaten with the other birds, they go to a quiet place to rest, don’t they? You can always keep busy doing, doing, doing, but then you will miss out on the special secrets of

The Peaceful Place

It is something you can make in your very own home. It will be your special hideout to be all by yourself for awhile, especially when Mom needs a rest. So….

First think very carefully about WHERE it will be. Is there a little cubbyhole under the stairs, or a closet that is not too full? Maybe there is a corner behind Daddy’s chair that you can use, or a hidden spot out in the yard or shed. It needs to be big enough for you to sit down comfortably, and hidden enough so you won’t be bothered.

After you have found it, think of how to make it COMFORTABLE. Ask Mom if you can use a small pillow or stool to sit on. Your Peaceful Place can be cozy for curling up, or it can have a little bench to write on and do quiet projects. Add a little box for treasures and a stuffed animal or doll if you like. Make your Peaceful Place to be your favorite hideout.

WHAT will you do in your Peaceful Place? Something peaceful, of course! Think of things that don’t make a mess, but that will be pleasant and quiet. Here are some ideas:

  • On a poster board you can carefully write a poem or Bible verse. Around it draw flowers and vines, or glue pretty pictures from a magazine. After you have made it beautiful, give it to someone or put it on your own wall. Remember to keep your place tidy!
  • Write “I love you” notes to everyone in your family. Tell them “thank you” for things they do and think of things to make them smile. If you can’t write well, draw pictures and then put them all around the table at suppertime.
  • If you like to read, tuck away a good story (the kind you wouldn’t mind showing to Jesus) for your peaceful time. Or, maybe you can listen to songs or story cassette tapes quietly.

YOUR PEACEFUL PLACE is a very special spot where you can pray and tell all your troubles and joys to Jesus. You can take a songbook and your own little Bible, if you have one, and have your own little talk with Jesus. Do you know He wants to be close to us all the time? If you let Him in, He will make your hideout the most peaceful place in the world!