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Our Part

In the story, Rosie was learning that there are two parts to an agreement. There was Mother’s part and her part. When Rosie or Mother didn’t do their part, the agreement didn’t work. If we agreed that I’d give you a dollar if you worked for me, then your part is to work and my part is to give a dollar. But if someone doesn’t do their part of the agreement, we call them “unfaithful.” That means that we can’t trust them to do what they say. What a sad name to have!

Jesus told us how to be faithful. He said that we must first do our best in the little jobs that we have. If Mom tells you to sweep the floor, and you do it quickly to get it over with, you are not being faithful. But suppose you ask Jesus to help you to be careful and diligent. What will happen then? Why, Mother will be very pleased, and soon she will trust you with bigger responsibilities! Your part is to do your best, with Jesus’ help.

Some people talk a lot of what they will do, but they never do it. Is that being faithful? No, we soon will learn not to trust what they say. Telling others how good we are doesn’t make us good. Not at all! We need to be diligent and show goodness by obeying and doing right. Talk isn’t worth much, but we can trust those who always do what they say.

God has given us many promises. He tells us that He will bless us if we obey Him. Now, we know God will do what He says. But will we do our part? If you want to be happy, be faithful to obey Jesus and love Him. And He will send you rivers of joy and peace. Our part is to press on and do right, even when it is hard. Being diligent is not always easy, but God will help us if we really want to do right. God is always faithful. Will you be?