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Project, poem, and verse

Faith Seeds

Jesus said that if we start with just a little faith, He’ll make it grow and grow like a seed does. Seeds look so small and worthless, but they make the world beautiful with flowers and green plants. Just try this—get some flower seeds (such as Cosmos, Sweet William, Marigold, and Bachelor Buttons) and sprinkle them out in the soft soil near a fence. If they are watered and not stepped on, they will grow tall and bloom this summer. And do you know? If you will just trust God with the little things, your faith will grow and grow until you have flowers of faith brightening up every gloomy corner.

Serving Jesus

Children’s hands can work for Jesus,
Glad to do His holy will;
Helping playmates, serving Mother,
They are serving Jesus still.

Let your hands be quick and true;
God will give them work to do.

Children’s lips can move for Jesus,
Speaking gently all the while,
Making other people happy,
With a love-word and a smile.

Let your speech in kindness fall;
Jesus listens to it all.

—From Poems for Memorization

A verse to hide in your heart:

“Trust in the LORD, and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land, and verily thou shalt be fed.”* (Psalm 37:3)