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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 24 (April 2003) | Timeless Truths Publications

All Things New

You like new things, don’t you? So do I. And I think God must like them most, because He has made so many new things for us to enjoy. Let’s go on a little nature walk to enjoy them.

We step outside and feel the warm sunshine on our faces. Ahhh! It is a spring morning and the fresh air is filled with good smells. What do you see? The damp earth is bursting out with new flowering bulbs. First come the yellow daffodils and crocus cups of white and purple. Now the tulip buds are starting to turn color. How fresh and alive they look after the dirty bare feeling of winter!

Baby animals are another favorite, so new and unspoiled. How exciting it is to hold a tiny bunny with its soft baby fur! See it frisk and play? It seems filled with new energy and life. Peeping chicks and wobbly lambs, wide-mouthed baby robins and the first butterfly—spring is so full of new things.

Can you think of a time you got something new? Like the wheelbarrow with two strong tires instead of the old cracked wheel. How fun it is to try it out! It is so much better than the old one that you want to use it all the time! God loves to make all things new for us. He has new love when yours gets worn out watching the fussy baby. He has a new smile to send fresh for the work you have to do. He has a new heart of peace to give anyone who will give up their selfish fearful one. And how much better God’s new things are than our old ones! Ask Him for what you need today.