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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 24 (April 2003) | Timeless Truths Publications

Letter to a Little Princess

Dear Princess,

Precious skipped happily up the walk singing, “…By faith and not by sight.”* It was the new song King Jesus had just taught her on their daily walk through His gardens. The sun was shining so brightly and Precious felt like she could almost fly.

Mother Matron met her with a smile. “I am going to be out this morning. You need to do the breakfast dishes and then Joy will help you mop the floor.”

“Yes, Mother Matron.” Precious hummed to herself as she filled the sink with water. Even the dishes didn’t seem like a chore on a sunny day like this. As she was rinsing a plate, a thought popped into her head. Maybe if I finish the dishes quickly I can ask Mother Matron if I can go with her. This afternoon I will have plenty of time to do the floor.

A few minutes later she gave a last swipe to the counter and hurried to find Mother Matron. “I have the dishes done, may I please go with you?” Precious asked. “I will do the floor this afternoon.”

“As long as you make sure it gets done,” agreed the Matron, reluctantly.

“I will, and thank you!” Precious said happily.

After buying groceries and stopping at Goodwill, they started home. Precious couldn’t wait to show Joy her new shoes. But as they turned into their driveway she could hardly believe her eyes. Aunt Julia and Uncle Wayne’s car was parked near the house and cousin Beth was playing on the lawn with Joy!

After lunch Precious took Beth’s hand. “Have you seen our new playhouse?”

“Oh, no, I haven’t,” Beth replied.

“Then come. It is so much fun—almost like being in a real house.”

The hours sped by quickly. The little table was all set for supper when the girls heard a call. “Precious, where are you?”

“I am coming, Mother Matron,” Precious called back. “You put Emily and Kristin to bed while I am gone,” she said to Beth, and skipped happily to the house.

Mother Matron met her at the door. “The kitchen floor still needs to be mopped. I am sorry but Joy is down for a nap and so you will have to do it by yourself.”

The light went out from Precious’ face in a moment. “Oh, I had forgotten.” Slowly, Precious went to get the broom and mop. She and Beth had been having the most wonderful time. Why did the day have to end like this? She glanced out the window and saw Beth waving good-bye. And as if to make things worse, it had started to rain.

This morning all had seemed so bright. Why couldn’t it be that way all the time? But then she stopped herself. What was the song King Jesus had taught her that very morning? Something about… yes: “Walking with Jesus my way is bright, By faith and not by sight.”

King Jesus had explained it. He had said that to be truly happy she shouldn’t focus on if she felt like it or not, but to keep doing what was right. He let things happen to her, and even if they seemed hard, He could make it turn into good.

As He had pointed to the flowers in the garden, He had said, “Princess Precious, what would happen if the flowers only got sunshine? They would wilt and die. They need the rain just as you need the hard things in your life.”

Precious smiled at the rain and turned from the window. She picked up the broom and started to sweep. She wouldn’t complain when the rain fell down. It was what she needed.

Soon a song drifted from the kitchen. “Walking with Jesus my way is bright, By faith and not by sight.”

Aunt Peace