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Dear Reader

“Go ye also into the vineyard, and whatsoever is right I will give you.”* (Matthew 20:4) We are thankful that no matter how old or young we are, we may each have a part in the work of the Lord, and receive the blessings He gives.

Both spiritual and temporal matters have kept us busy since our last issue. This past month has been made especially memorable by the marriage of Skye to Matthew Wensing, on August 10.

We would be glad to hear from any of you. We welcome questions, and would be very happy to learn how the Lord has been helping you.

For older ones who want to be challenged and encouraged in Christian living, Foundation Truth is published for youths and adults.

We are a God-fearing family that includes Rick and Krista Erickson, Laura (22), Joel (21), Kara (18), and Amanda (10). The publishing of Treasures of the Kingdom is mainly done by Laura and Joel, with help (guidance, proofreading, and contributions) from others.

Notice: we will be working on Songs and Stories (Book 2) as the Lord gives time. If you would like a copy when it is done, please write us—the music will be available on your choice of cassette or CD.

In the King’s Service,
The Editors