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Letter to a Little Princess

Dear Princess,

I want to tell you about the day Princess Precious learned a lovely secret. It all started when a bunch of girls visited the palace. They didn’t look like princesses and they talked all the time.

“Don’t you get tired of your old gowns?” one asked, showing off her bright cape. “These are in style—they make you look grand,” she told Precious. “Especially when you go to the mall.”

“I don’t go to the mall,” Precious said. The girls stared at her.

“Where do you get your hair done up? And everyone goes to Ice Queen’s!” they said. “You really need a sparkle sack from the Glitter Shop, too.”

“I didn’t know what to think,” Princess Precious told King Jesus when she could get away. “They all know so much and act so fine. I feel really little and stupid.”

“My Precious, those street girls know nothing of being a princess,” the King said quietly. “I have much better things for you than Ice Queens and sparkle sacks. Keep your crown of love bright for Me and I will be pleased.”

Precious felt a bit ashamed. She knew the King was right and she wanted to make Him happy most of all. “I will try my best,” she said, smiling. “What do you want me to do?”

“If you do it unto the least of these, you do it unto Me,” He reminded her.

Precious walked out of the courtroom slowly. It would be fun to do some sewing or maybe help Princess Praise in the kitchen, she thought to herself. Then maybe those girls would see I can do something—but Precious brushed that thought from her mind. No, I will do it for my King. She was just passing the sitting room when Joy called to her.

“Oh, Precious,” Joy said, brushing away a tear. “Mother Matron told all of the little girls to help pick up, but the others went off and left me.”

Precious looked at the mess and suddenly she thought of King Jesus’ words. “No problem, dear. I’ll help,” she said. Soon the sunbeams danced over a tidy room once more.

“Thank you, sister dear!” Joy said brightly. “I have to sweep the steps now. What about you?” Precious thought of the sunny sewing room, but a cobweb on the stairs caught her eye.

“I’ll help—it looks like someone forgot the dusting,” she said. So Precious brushed out the corners, picked up trash, and wiped the mirrors. “For King Jesus,” the busy little princess whispered. At last the evening bell was rung and she slipped away to His throne.

“My Lord, have I kept my crown bright?” Precious asked humbly. “I didn’t do much, but Joy needed help and we cleaned the halls together.”

“I am well pleased,” King Jesus said, lifting her up by the hand. “She that is greatest shall be servant of all, my child. Your lovely smile and gracious serving are beautiful to Me, My own dear princess.” As Precious lifted her shining eyes to His face, He added very solemnly, “Much more beautiful than all the other girls’ show and glitter.”

And as Precious stood before Him, you could see the King’s own glory reflect on her crown and the bright veil of humility glow all around her. She was indeed the fairest and sweetest of all princesses. Do you know her secret?

With Love,
Aunt Faith