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The Power of Right

You should always do the right thing. You’ve been told that before. And you know it is true from what happens if you don’t. Even if no one sees you take the candy bar, you don’t feel happy. Daniel knew that, too. When he thought about using the power drill, he chose to obey his father and leave it alone. That was the right thing to do. And even though it was hard at first, it made Daniel very glad in the end.

What if Daniel hadn’t done the right thing? Wouldn’t he be afraid of Dad finding out? And if he had attached the wheels, wouldn’t he be sorry when it all had to be taken apart? Doing the wrong thing makes us fearful and gets us into trouble. We can’t be happy and sure of success. Doing wrong makes people weak.

God knows that it is best for us to do right. So He gives us a conscience to know what is right and wrong. He also tells us in the Bible what is right—and how we can live right by the power of Jesus. Living right is the happiest way to live. When we do right we can know all is well and God will take care of us. We don’t have to be afraid of getting caught. Doing right gives us courage when problems come. Right conquers wrong because God’s power backs it.

If we live right in this life by the power of Jesus, we don’t have to be afraid when God judges us and how we have lived. It will be a glad day to meet Him face to face and know that we are right with Him (1 John 4:17).