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Letter to a Little Princess

Dear Princess,

Everyone enjoys being around Princess Precious. She is always kind and helpful, and she never seems to think of herself. When another princess once asked her, “How come you are so good all the time?” Princess Precious smiled. “It is because of the crown of Love that King Jesus has given me,” she replied. And then she told this story:

When I first came to the palace, I didn’t know what it was like to be a princess. For sure, the King had cleaned me up and given me new clothes and told me that I belonged to Him and must always ask when I needed anything. It seemed so wonderful just to be walking around in a palace with good food and a place to stay, that I didn’t think I needed much of anything. That was at first.

Then one day I can remember Princess Joy ripping a page from my new book. It was by accident, but when I found her I got very angry. “You naughty girl!” I said. “You know better than to touch my things!” And before I knew it, I had slapped her.

Well, right away I was sorry and felt very badly for losing my temper. King Jesus wouldn’t be pleased with that sort of behavior, I knew. So I told myself that I must be very careful so that I wouldn’t do it again.

I did try very hard. Some days, when things went all wrong, or I had forgotten to go for a morning visit in the King’s court, I didn’t do so well. Before I knew it, I would find myself pouting or complaining about something. Mother Matron would say, “Precious dear, the King has help for you.” But I’m afraid I really didn’t listen to her. I thought that I should try harder the next day, and I would tell King Jesus that I was sorry.

Then came the day that I found the promise in the King’s Love Letters. I probably had read it before, but that day I was feeling quite tired of trying and trying to be good. So as I sat quietly in my window seat, the sun seemed to just shine down and make these words glow: “He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit: for without me ye can do nothing.”* (John 15:5)

I thought of how much I had tried and hung my head. Suddenly I was flying down the steps and into the throne room. I told King Jesus all about it and asked Him what I should do. “My dear princess,” He said most gently, “will you stop trying by yourself and let Me give you the crown of Love?”

It seemed such a simple thing, that I wondered why I had not come to Him before. “Oh, dear Jesus, I do want to wear it,” I said, kneeling down at His feet. And as I looked into His beautiful face, the King placed a shiny golden band on my head. “Is it Your Love?” I asked. He smiled and lifted me to my feet, while a glow seemed to shine all around me. And King Jesus has helped me to wear it ever since.

And do you want to know the secret of wearing that crown? You must always keep your eyes lifted upward, and never hang your head or look at your own self. If you do, it will surely slip off. It is by living in the King’s presence that your crown of Love may be always kept bright.

With much love,
Aunt Faith