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Something You Can Do

Do you like to dress up or act out stories? Sometimes during the holidays it is fun to plan a special activity to do with your family or relatives. Here is something you can do with some good imagination and willing helpers:

A Bible Story Musical

You will need:

  • a Bible story song (like the one in this issue)
  • enough children who want to act the parts
  • a musical director (you or someone else who can organize it)
  1. First choose Bible story songs that you know or want to learn. A simple skit can have one song and no speaking parts. If you want to plan ahead you can make a longer musical with several songs and speaking parts for all the characters.

    Example: If you want to do a musical of the Magi and the Star, sing “We Three Kings” or “Bethlehem’s Bright Star.”

  2. Now plan who will be each character. If you don’t have many actors, just act the main parts or have some people be two characters. It helps to plan an outfit for each character. Bathrobes, scarfs, and pieces of cloth work well for costumes. You can even make fake paper beards (or wool stitched to cloth) for the men.

    Example: If you have four actors, two can be wise men, one can be King Herod and later Joseph, one can be a scribe and later Mary. Use a doll for baby Jesus.

  3. Make a script, or plan, of the musical. Write up any speaking parts you will have and plan each scene. Decide if you will play music with the songs or not. If you don’t have time to memorize the speaking parts, everyone can read their lines, or you can just act out the story.

    Example: The wise men come down the hall singing and end up in front of Herod. They ask where Jesus is. Herod asks the scribe. The Scribe reads Matthew 2:6. Herod sends the wise men to find Jesus. They see the star and sing as they kneel and give Jesus their gifts.

  4. Now practice your lines and act out your parts at least once. Encourage everyone to do their best and try to be their character.

    Example: Wise men should be thoughtful and serious, but very glad when they see the star again. Herod is worried, but acts friendly to the wise men.

  5. If you want, set up your stage with props and signs for each scene. When you are ready, invite the rest of the people to come and watch while you present it to them.