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Have you ever tried to persuade someone and make them believe you? Maybe you were supposed to clean your room and Mom finds you on the back porch. “What are you doing back here?” she asks. “I’m cleaning out my room,” you say. If you were just fooling around, you’ll get in trouble. But if you are taking the trash out to the garbage can, she might believe you. How will she be persuaded? By your actions.

People believe us not so much by what we say, but by what we do. You might say that you want to do right and tell the truth. But if Dad can’t trust you to finish your jobs without being reminded three times, will he believe you? When you say you want to get along with others, the proof is in how you act. Do others enjoy being around you?

In the story, Rosie wanted to always live right by Jesus’ help. Elise didn’t believe that she could. But Rosie found a way that Elise could be persuaded. She learned the secret of how God’s power is bigger than all arguments. Rosie didn’t need to talk well or say the right words. She just needed to live so that God could have His way and show His goodness through her. Just like a little night light that gets plugged in to the outlet. By itself it is just pieces of metal, glass, and plastic, but the electricity makes it shine bright. By herself Rosie couldn’t be good all the time, but when she trusted Jesus to help her, she could always do the right thing.

Don’t you think that kindness and obedience persuaded Elise more than anything Rosie could have said? God is able to help us to live so our lives persuade people of what is right. He can make you to be a night light, too!