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Are You Alive?

Oh, look at this! I call. You come running into the kitchen, but stop short when you see what I’m holding. A black-capped chickadee! “Where did you find it? Is it dead?” you ask. I found it on the floor of the laundry room, under the clothes hamper. “That’s strange!” you say. “Maybe it came in when the window was open.”

You look at the limp little body and sagging head. Of course, it’s dead. It probably died of fright, poor little bird! I spread the wings and we look at the silver feathers, so neatly locking together like a fan. I hold the tiny bird in my hand and blow gently on its breast. The soft gray fluff parts and a ring of black appears. Isn’t it pretty? The chickadee is so perfect and real-looking! But it is not alive.

“I’d rather watch the birds outside,” you say. “See that chickadee on the bird feeder?” Yes, how much different it looks with its bright eyes and quick movements! I’d much rather have live birds around, too. Let’s throw this dead one away.

We have learned something important about life today. It is not what something seems to be or looks like that matters, but whether it is really alive. Are you alive? I mean, not just your body, but deep inside where no one sees but God? The Bible says that sin brings death inside and so if you do wrong, you are really quite dead. You might pretend to be good, and look sort of like a Christian, but that is not the same as being alive.

Lots of children are like dolls. Dolls aren’t alive, but you like to pretend they are. Have you seen cabbage-patch dolls? They don’t look like real babies, do they? Some children act just as fake. They throw fits or say bad words every day, and then pretend to be good in Sunday School. You can tell that their hearts are not alive with God’s love at all. Other baby dolls look sort of real. When you dress them in baby clothes and rock them in your arms they almost seem alive. But if you’ve seen a real baby, you know the difference! Maybe you try to act like a good child who always obeys and tells the truth. But are you? Or are you just pretending, like you pretend that your dolly is alive?

Do you want to be made alive inside? Only God can do that. He wants you to be His real, live child, and so He sent His Son to give you life. Jesus can take cold, dead hearts and make them alive again. His blood can wash all yours sins away. Then Jesus’ life and goodness will fill your heart so that you love everyone and want to do right, and you don’t have to pretend anymore. It is wonderful to be alive!

A Verse To Hide In Your Heart:

“He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.”* (1 John 5:12)