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Dear Reader

Many choices are before us each day Choices to resist instruction or to submit, choices of our attitude and wills. The Lord has made a way for us to be happy and safe. It is the way of trusting and obeying Him. But it is our choice to receive or reject His love to us. Please consider the cost!

We would be glad to hear from any of you. For older ones who want to be challenged and encouraged in Christian living, Foundation Truth is published for youths and adults.

We are a God-fearing family that includes Rick and Krista Erickson, Laura (27), Kara (22), and Amanda (14). The publishing of Treasures of the Kingdom is mainly done by Laura and Amanda, with help (guidance, proofreading, and contributions) from others.

The paper is freely sent to those that request it. You will be kept on our mailing list unless you request otherwise. If the Lord leads you to send anything, please note that since we are not a business we cannot cash checks made out to Treasures of the Kingdom.

In the King’s Service,
The Editors